Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crucible Post Number Two

Crucible Post Two

                In Act Two of “The Crucible” many people are accused of being witches by the children. When confronted, they are told that they must confess that they are witches or they will be found guilty and hung. There was no way to prove that you were not a witch, and you were guilty until proven innocent. Many of the accused falsely admit they are witches to avoid being hung. Today our justice system is very different, and we are innocent until proven guilty in a trial of our peers. We are very rarely faced with life or death situations dependant on whether we lie about ourselves or not. There are several times a person might lie about themselves in our society today, most of them all about fitting in.
                Today people lie about themselves less for personal safety and more because we live in a very critical society. As much as everyone would like to think they are open minded, a great majority of people are not. People will lie so that other people won’t judge them and they can fit in. This is very obviously illustrated by the military’s policies on sexuality. Whatever your opinion of (the recently repealed) “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” it was an instance of Americans having to lie to fit in. The affected soldiers that were serving lied so that they could live their life normally, so that they wouldn’t be judged by others for their decisions. People today will lie to conform with the views of our society, in which case things are not much different now than they were in Salem. The only difference is that we are arguing ideas, not creating life or death situations.

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