Friday, June 8, 2012

Evernote in Class

Evernote Use in Class

I chose not to use Evernote in class for multiple reasons. On a the most basic level I didn’t use Evernote because it easier for me to take notes in a notebook because that’s where most of my notes were when we first got the iPads. I didn’t feel the need to use a new system when my notebook was already satisfactory. I was also unimpressed on the one occasion I did try to use Evernote. One of the things that really did not appeal to me is that there are no pages like on Word. It makes it hard to judge how much I have written and, in that case, I didn’t realize I was writing way more than I needed. There was also no spell check system that I could find, and I found later when I transferred it to a Word Document that I had a multitude of errors that went unnoticed and that would have cost me. Evernote did not give me an attractive reason to abandon my notebook and I was unimpressed when I tried it, so I did not use it.

There are a couple of ways to potentially improve Evernote. One of the things that Evernote did not have that could be an improvement is some system to show how much has been written. The number of pages you have written is good to know when you plan on printing something. Evernote could also use a more substantial spell check program. Grammatical and spelling accuracy are very important aspects of writing and some form of checking program is useful in maintaining a high level of both. Evernote could also use a functionality with other applications. It would be highly useful to be able to link Evernote with an app such as Dropbox so as to access your information more easily. Those are just a couple of things that could improve Evernote.

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