Wednesday, September 7, 2011

About Me

Hey, my name is Andrew. I was born in Virginia, and lived there until the age of five, before I moved here to Michigan, where I have lived since. I have two siblings, both younger, one brother, James, and one sister, Kate. I am a huge dog person, and I have two dogs, Juliet and Ranger, both Australian Shepherds. I also own a cat named Charlie, that used to be my Aunt's, but he is not very fond of me. I am also a huge sports fan, and I play soccer, and I used to play hockey and baseball.

My Family. My little bro, James, is a very unique person. We spend half of the time getting along amazingly, while the other half of the time we can barely stand each other. He is tall for his age, taller than me by an inch or so (Doc says he's done but I haven't hit my spurt yet) and he is also a lot less mature than he seems. He is a young boy in the body of a teen-ager, very smart, but fun-loving. He is going to be starting at South next year. My even younger sibling, my sister, Kate, is still in Elementary School. She is tough, charismatic, and smart. She does Tae Kwon Do, and is already a brown belt after only a year and a half. She has a lot of friends, especially on our block, and the door bell rings for her between 3 or 4 times a day during summer time. My Dad works in economics, and is often on business trips, mainly to Chicago, but also to Boston, New York, and Washington DC. He is a huge baseball fan, and he loves the Cincinnati Reds. He also enjoys hiking and kayaking in the upper peninsula of Michigan. He is also going through the process of getting ordained. My mom is an amazing cook and a notorious knitter. She used to work as in management for Nera, before she quit to spend more time with me and my,at that time, baby brother.

Academically, I am pretty strong across the board. While it isn't my favorite subject, math has always come easily to me, as I find with most subjects. I love to read, but usually I dislike books outside of the genres I enjoy, comedy and adventure. English is usually an interesting class for me, because I do like to read, but I do not like writing all that much, which is usually do to the choices of topics, which I usually find restricting and hard to connect with. Science is probably my favorite subject, especially biology, which I took last year. Science is interesting and the information is such that I think it may be useful outside of a classroom. History is my next favorite subject, mainly the wars. The conflicts throughout history make it interesting and how they affect the world is too. I also take Spanish, Mythology, and Music Theory.

I am a huge fan of sports. Football, Baseball, and Hockey, I follow them all. I follow the Lions and Red Wings from Detroit, but my baseball team is the Yankees. When I was a kid in Virginia there was no baseball team. The closest team was the Orioles, but I never liked the Orioles. My favorite baseball card was a player for the Yankees, and so I started to follow them. As it happened, my favorite tiger, Curtis Granderson, was traded to the Yankees, and he is probably my favorite baseball player.When I moved to Detroit I was exposed to hockey and football and I started to follow the local teams. I am a huge Red Wings fan, and I usually go to three or four games a year, and my favorite player is No. 43, Darren Helm. I play soccer, and I used to play little baseball and roller-hockey, I was never a good skater. My position is a striker, I'm not very fast but I have a good shot, and I played 3rd base in baseball and left wing in hockey.

My free time is probably one the things I love most about summer and hate losing when school come around. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, but when they're not around I amuse myself with other things. I have an X-box, and like to play a mix of different games. My favorite games are probably NHL 12, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. I usually play a little each day after school. I also like to watch TV. My favorite program is Sportscenter, which is a nice way to stay in tune with the sports world. My favorite TV shows are Fox's House, Spike's Deadliest Warrior, and USA's Suits.  

Well, I hope you have learned a little more about me,

Andrew A

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