Monday, September 12, 2011

Descriptive Post

     In this picture there is a river, running through a green countryside. The river is a grayish-blue and wide. The river is also bendy, and dissapears part way through the countryside, blocked out by the green hilly area next to it. In the foreground, on the right side of the river there is a sparse forest that thickens as it moves away from the river, and in the background there is a steep mountain, the same color green as the surrounding landscape. The sky is not visible on the right side of the picture, because the mountain is much taller than the surrounding landscape, but the sky over the middle of the picture is a brilliant, bright blue, with some clouds farther in the distance. The left part of the sky is almost only clouds. The clouds are grayish white, and puffy. In the middle ground of the middle and left part of the picture there is a mountain range in the distance. The mountains are green  the same green as well, except for near the top, where they are brown. In the left foreground is slightly hilly, before turning into a flat field the stretches to the mountain range.

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