Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Sinners" Follow Up Post

       People reacted with fear in the time when Jonathan Edwards was preaching. People's reaction today would be much different. The way our society views God is as a loving, forgiving God that loves us enough to sacrifice his son for us. I think that many people that strongly believe what they believe would disagree with the view of an angry God ready to kill us at any moment. Edwards would probably be labeled a radical, and would not be taken seriously by many. Not only is our view of God different, but in America today there are many people of other religions, and even atheists, that wouldn't care about what some Christian preacher says. Today's society is more stable, and all the "acts of God", like stopping a man's heart, is now easily explained, and Edwards' argument would be less compelling. Today's society would not be very affected by a speech like that.

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