Sunday, September 11, 2011


Thesis: Honors class students are expected to live up to certain standards.

       One of the things expected of an honors class is a respectful attitude to their teacher. An honors cass should be polite, and listen. Honors students should not talk while listening. Students should raise their hands, instead of just shouting out answers, so that their peers get a chance to answer for themselves. Students should follow instructions their teacher sets for them. Students should do their homework, and not make excuses unless there was no way they could have possibly done their homework. Students should meet deadlines set by their teacher because the teacher can't, and shouldn't, wait on one person. If a student misses class it is up to them to use the resources given, the blogs, to learn what was done in class, and not seek out their teacher. The student-teacher relation is essential for a school to function, and should be respected.

       How students interact with each other is also important. Students should be respectful of each other. Students should help each other if a nearby student needs clarification. Students should be quiet when a teacher is talking so that their classmates don't miss what the teacher has to say. Students should not talk while another student is speaking for the same reason. Students should not be distracing when it is time to work. Students should not shout out answers so their classmates get a chance to think about the question. Students should be respectful of each other's opinions, even if they disagree. The student-student relationship is essentially a workplace relationship, and is vital for school to work.

       As an honors class, academics is one of the most important standards students need to meet. Students should always do the work they are assigned. Students should always complete the work, and not make excuses for unfinished work. Students should be productive in class work time. Honors students should maintain an average of 80 or higher. When a student cannot meet that standard, they should no longer stay in the honors class if they are unable to raise their grade sufficiently. Students should get themselves caught up without needing the help of the teacher. Honors students should live up to certain standards.

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